Coaching - Discovering the extra-ordinary in YOU

I believe that all individuals hold the answers to their own problems within themselves. Many people however, become ‘stuck’ in unhelpful thinking patterns that stifle their abilities to recognise their own potential and the opportunities open to them.

My role as your coach is to enable you to explore and discover your unique capacities for finding your own solutions to achieve the goals and outcomes you desire - to discover your ‘extra-ordinary’ self.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a process by which the coach works in partnership with the coachee (client) to help them explore what is important to them and their life. Coaching is not counselling which works on the assumption that there is something to be fixed, but that people are fundamentally ok and that they have the inbuilt capacity to find the answer or way forward for themselves.

Coaching can be particularly effective when facing change, wanting to develop one’s confidence and self-esteem or to stretch one’s potential. Because coaching is all about you, the scope of what coaching can help with is determined by you –  your health, your career, your relationships, your lifestyle, your learning in fact absolutely anything you want to work on.

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