Hypnosis for cancer patients

About Hypno-Oncology

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is difficult, so it’s important to know that there are therapies available that can help you manage both the condition and your experience of treatment.

Hypno-Oncology is a complementary therapy which utilises hypnosis and other psychological techniques to assist those going through the cancer journey.
A specially trained and accredited Hypno-Oncology Practitioner can provide you with psychological and emotional support, helping you through the period of diagnosis, treatment and beyond.

Hypno-Oncology Practitioners do not treat cancer or offer advice on treatment and is not a replacement for the treatment or advice given to you by your qualified medical and health professionals.

For further information, please visit  https://Hypno-Oncology.com 

As a person living with Stage 4 cancer, my sessions with Deb have enhanced and helped my positivity immensely. Along with helping my immune system, her healing and relaxation techniques have aided my sleep patterns, general anxiety and coping mechanisms for hospital treatments, scans and results 

R. Brown  

What can Hypno-Oncology be used for?

Hypno-Oncology can be used for all aspects of the cancer journey including:

Anxiety, fear and worry – these are common emotions that can be worked with.

Phobias and fears – claustrophobia, needle fear/phobia and many other aspects of treatment

Pre/post surgery hypno-oncology could improve outlook and outcomes

Addressing treatment side effects such as nausea, fatigue, vertigo, taste issues, hot flushes, sleep issues

Help with pain control

Appointments are available face to face or online via Zoom if you would prefer.